Dokdo Chamber Orchestra debuts
The Korea Herald 2009-05-28 13,684

An orchestra made up of 30 Korean musicians debuted at the famed Vienna Concerto House (Wiener Konzerthaus) on Sunday.

The concert was organized as a platform to promote the disputed Dokdo islets as Korean Territory. Calling themselves the DCO or "The Dokdo Chamber Orchestra," the troupe was formed last October by bandmaster and conductor Park Jae-hee, a local resident in Vienna.
According to a Vienna-based Korean-language Newspaper, the performance drew wide praise.

In addition to works by masters like Haydn and Mendelssohn, the DCO performed a piece about the islets titled, "Dokdo Symphony" which was composed by Park's father Park Joon-sang who is a professor of music at JoongAng University in Seoul.

Performing without a conductor, the group's performance was exceptionally praised by one of Austria's most revered composers, Eric Urbanner.

"It's such a rare occasion that you get to witness a performance by an orchestra with such great potential," he said.

The formation of the orchestra and concert is said to have been possible through sponsorship support from local Korean businesses and expatriates.

"I hope Austrians will get to know that Dokdo is part of Korea from these concerts" and added "we also formed this group in order to promote the high level of Korean Orchestras," Park Jae-hee said.

By Song Woong-ki


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